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We offer a wide variety of new and used goods. When you buy at Comptant Illimité.com, you can rest assured that your article has been checked many times before it was put on sale, and this, in a careful way. We are committed to selling items in good condition and legally. In fact, our purchasing philosophy is very simple: when evaluating an item, we ask ourselves if it is something that one would like to possess as an informed consumer. If so, this is an article that will have sales potential in our company. We offer a guarantee on the majority of our merchandise in store. For most items, we offer a 30-day warranty, with the exception of video games, movies, and music CDs for which we offer a ten-day warranty. Regarding tooling, we offer no guarantee, but the tool is checked and tested when we make the purchase as well as during the sale to the customer to ensure compliance. Finally, every product is online thanks to our inventory in real time. In addition, you can make your purchase directly on our website using PayPal. For more information, contact us in store.