Restaurant DaToni

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Installed in downtown Sherbrooke for more than 47 years, the Restaurant Da Toni has gained its reputation over the years to the combined efforts of the owners and the staff who animate this place of the Sherbrooke food industry. Founded by Mr. Toni Danella in 1969 and located for 18 years on Wellington Street North in a building where the decor was already attracting attention by its originality, in 1987 the Restaurant Da Toni chose to move its operations on the plateau Marquette. Left vacant since 1978, it is in the building that once served as a store at the Paton that the restaurant is now established. In June 2007, Mr. Daniel Schoolcraft and Ms. Hélène Deppisch joined Christian Fréchette, Chief and Co-Owner, to form the new team.
15 Rue Belvédère N
Sherbrooke, Québec
(819) 346-8441