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Fresh, healthy and delicious meals delivered to your home? That's what Cook It offers you! Discover new flavors, learn better cooking techniques and eat at home with ease. Each week, choose from the 8 new recipes that their chef offers and learn to cook according to several different culinary styles! Their recipes are easy and require less than 30 minutes of preparation so you can spend more time around the table with your family. Discover the menu of the week.
They do business with local producers and choose fish from responsible fishing and high meat without hormones. They also offer vegetarian, gluten-free and child-friendly options as well as two ready-to-eat options.
In short, Cook It is the partner that will allow you to enjoy the kitchen, which will save you a lot of time! Discover plans and price.
8219, 17e avenue #201
Montreal, Qc
(514) 544-2665