Triple B

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Located in a thriving neighborhood and enjoying the rise of good restaurants on the South Shore, Triple B Bouffe-Bar-Brunch celebrates music, art and food from NYC to South Beach, from Barcelona to Tokyo and beyond many borders. The mixology will give way to a signature cocktail menu of the most disjointed with specialties "bowl sharing". The place is influenced by urban art with some of the most inspiring local artists that will result in a festive and friendly atmosphere. Kampai! Inspired by urban cuisine from around the world, the Triple B menu is the result of many trips made by the owners. The theme will reflect a multi-ethnic style of small dishes favoring tasting and sharing. The triple B will make you travel but will bring you back to local roots.
1052 Rue Lionel-Daunais Suite 503
Boucherville, Québec
(450) 449-7779